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Industry Templates

Predefined industry specific templates will improve the creation speed and quality of resulting SWOT analysis. A quick start - is the key to its successful completion.


The evaluation system will help to focus at the major advantages or failures in the development strategy. Moreover, you will get a consolidated indicator of the investment attractiveness of the project.


The opportunity to share and discuss ideas of each other will improve the resulting analysis according to skills of every teammate.


A qualitative presentation of the resulting SWOT-analysis will not only accelerate the arrival at a decisions, but will also increase the level of confidence in your professionalism among the decision-makers.

Goal lets you quickly and professionally shed light on the idea of your project and show the development plan.

The resulting presentation will allow you accurately bring the essence of the project to partners and/or investors. target audience is:

  • Startupers and other dreamers
  • Analysts
  • Marketologists
  • Project managers
  • Investors
  • CEOs
  • Business owners

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After trying it for a while, I realized it was not only beautiful, but powerful. Like a mighty unicorn. Everything is very professional looking, unlike many other solutions for small businesses.

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How to use this

Create your first project and fill it with a basic info

Select the industry structure of your business and complement it with your own specifics

Fill the structure with SWOT criteria estimating quantitative values

Define development strategies in the consolidated view

Present your analysis to your partners and/or investors

For Analysts

Determining the right strategy for the next round of company development is the key factor to success. SWOT-analysis will help to identify core factors and avoid misfire when market conditions change


For Startuppers

SWOT-analysis of the project will allow you to quickly and comprehensively formulate the essence of the project, to present it qualitatively, to approve your professionalism in the eyes of the investor and or / partner to increase the probability of a success

For Investors

A critical approach to project appraisal is the basis for investing. SWOT analysis allows potential investor to quickly and qualitatively evaluate both the project itself and the level of preparation of the presenter.


How much does it cost?

Create, evaluate, collaborate and present your SWOT projects in your preferred way:

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Active Projects

SWOT Projects in active state that can be shared to other people like investors or edited by team-members





Ability to save project in beautifully styled PDF.





If you need to collaborate, you can share project to team-members.




Custom Branding

If you need custom logo, color palette or font.




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